Beauty of Nature

The beauty of Nature its Causes and loss of its effects

Nature is vast and full of beautiful things that comfort our physical and emotional senses. The beauty of nature is somehow immortal, infinite and eternal. The beauty of nature is a perfect reflection of the art of Allah Almighty. Natural beauty may be extinct at the moment, but as “the joy of beauty is eternal happiness”, so the effect of that beauty on the mind can never be in vain.

Beauty of nature

Natural beauty is a treasure that will never end. Nature has many faces. They are everywhere. The human eye is always in contact with good things.

One of the many beautiful features of nature is the sunrise and sunset. A person with a sense of beauty will never be able to ignore the beauty of the red light of the rising sun and the fading glow of the stars. Likewise, the beauty of sunset has inspired many sensitive and artistic people to compose verses of praise, write beautiful prose and paint, and capture the event with a cloth or a camera forever.

Another aspect of natural beauty can be found in the night sky. Arriving at your destination, the glowing stars and the glowing moon of the moon have nothing in common. Under the influence of the moonlight, this world also becomes a beautiful world and a dream world.

Changing Seasons

The changing seasons have their beauty that has fascinated the human mind for centuries and will continue to impress until the end of the universe. Spring is the most beautiful of the seasons and is undoubtedly the queen of the seasons. During this period, The earth was filled with lush vegetation, colours, and aromas. Spring is a time of beauty and love, hope and happiness, life and happiness. Forests, lush plains, fields, and meadows prowl the lush vegetation to attract attention. Spring has endless and countless charms and beauty. Autumn has its golden, brown and mature colours. A life that started in the spring matures in the fall. This is a time for maturity and maturity. Summer is a season that helps the ripening process. It has its charms and beauty in the form of the most delicious fruits and vegetables.

Cold winters, snow and fog have other advantages. It is a season of white, grey and black. Snow and ice have a fantastic effect on the human mind and are not as appealing as the dark clouds and the wind.

On the other hand, nature has the beauty of the refreshing sky, the snowcapped mountains, and the deep green valleys. On the other hand, it has the mysteries and incomparable beauty of the deep blue sea. Nature preserves the beauty of the desolate desert and empty sand during the oasis. Its long-date trees that grow in the spring of freshwater show excellent scenes for tired and thirsty travellers.

Treasures of beauty

Nature has endless treasures of beauty in the form of various beautiful living creatures. The world of birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish is teeming with life and millions of species of all kinds, in size and colour and on the earth, in the sky and the water. They are everywhere and at all times. They adorn the environment by simply being present.

Crown of creation

Humans, the “crown of creation,” is by no means the most beautiful. Beauty lies in the condition of the body, the brain and the soul. It exists like human nature, such as mother, sister, brother and father, friend and companion.

Beauty is present in the child’s smiling face, the mother’s prayerful hand and the anxious state of the father. Beauty is like the reassuring handshake of a friend, the gentle touch of a brother and the love of a caring sister.

Undoubtedly beauty exists in man, in the environment, green fields, high mountains and small hills, in the moonlight and stars. Nature is full of the beauty that exists, almost everything scattered about us. “Beauty, truth, truth, and Beauty,” as the saying goes.

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